“The children enjoyed your performance

from beginning to end!

-Julie Davis, Downey City Library

Dave The Entertainer    
        Bully Busters


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When Dave draws Butch the Bully, Butch comes to life and begins taunting Dave.  Dave and the kids must use magic to teach Butch how bullying harms both the bully and the target in this fun and informative show!

The kids learn these Important Life Lessons:

    What is bullying?

    How does peer pressure influence us in both good ways and bad?

    How will the choices we make now affect us when we grow up?

    Why does what is inside of people (values, character, etc)

        matter so much more than how they look on the outside?

    What to do if someone else is being bullied?

    How can we respond to cyber-bullying?

    What are the 4 positive steps to take if we are being picked on?

    What are the 3 magic words to say to a bully?

    Who are good adults to turn to for help?



SPECIAL BONUS: The following FREE downloads are Included:

   Worksheet to reinforce lessons learned:

   Bully Busters Worksheet.pdf


   Teacher’s guide to facilitate classroom discussion:

    Bully Busters Key.pdf

Designed for grades K through 6

Program is designed to fulfill the goals set forth by these

California State Health Standards (Bullying).pdf

Deluxe Package: Kids Show PLUS Parent / Teacher Workshop

It takes a team effort to truly address the bullying problem. 

A parent / teacher workshop is available to specifically educate

both groups on recognizing and addressing the bullying issue.

Dave’s Bully Busters show draws on Olweaus research and

is consistent with OCDE philosophy in dealing with bullying.